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Whether you plan to open a new property in a very competitive environment, benchmark your performance with a new competitor or want to evaluate the skills of your team, our Quality Control Departments in Moscow, Russian Federation and London, United Kingdom provide you with a full range of Audits. By identifying precisely gaps in the service delivery, training or coaching actions can be implemented for you to stay competitive and increase Revenue. Our team of experienced shoppers pose as potential Russian or foreign customers with realistic scenarii and assess how well employees serve your customers and sell your services. Our Quality Control Department will then provide you with a fully detailed report for you to take action with.

Case study:

Our customer, an international hotel brand with meeting facilities, was opening a new property in Russia. The challenges were to capture market share and develop MICE sales in a very competitive environment. A key element of the solution for our customer was to convert more inquiry calls into sales and develop customer centricity in the same time. Eurobell Training & Consultancy rst conducted a Competition sales skills Audit through our Quality Control Department in Moscow as well as a Property sales skills Audit. Using realistic scenarii, our consultants posed as foreign as well as Russian companies. All sales calls were recorded and scored using Eurobell Training & Consultancy matrix. Our detailed Benchmark Reporting identied very precise competition sales skills strengths and weaknesses and property sales team areas of improvements. Shop calls showed that the sales teams did not drive the sales and did not build rapport with the callers. Specic training programs were delivered in Russian and in English by our consultants in order to improve the sales process and customer centricity. Telephone Coaching and Follow up sessions were also rolled out a few weeks later.
Results: Today, our customer is a leading hotel in the city for MICE business. Sales team members are more condent with the sales process and convert approx 77% of inquiry calls into MICE sales thanks to the newly acquired techniques and to more customer centricity.

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