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Eurobell Training & Consultancy
Smolenskaya Square 3
121099 Moscow
Russian Federation
Tel: +7 (495) 510 50 85
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Whether it is increasing sales revenue, improving customer centricity or handling customer complaints, Eurobell Training & Consultancy provides your team with
the training program that they deserve and that you require. We utilize the latest training approaches and proven contents in order to ensure
that your team members are engaged and focused on learning. It our experience with international organizations that make our training programs effective and powerful.

All our training programs, available in Russian and English language, include the following:

- Proven content written by Hospitality and Retail experts
- Realistic scenarios including customer interactions, business problems and employees issues
- Interactive learning activities that engage your team members by involving all their senses
- Extensive role playing to let participants practice and feel confident with the new skills
- Helpful job aids and tools that Managers and team members can use after they have completed the training
- Certificates of Accomplishments
- Monitoring Tools

Case study:

Our Customer is one of the most well known and respected retail brand in the world. The reputation of this prestigious brand is based on its core values : Luxury, Innovation and Service. The challenge for the store Managers is to provide a Luxury customer experience every day. Company surveys showed that customer satisfaction was low at peak times and for after sales. During these moments of truths, the service was not delivered as promised by the shop assistants. Eurobell Training & Consultancy rst designed tools for Managers to coach their employees on the job. Then all store Managers and employees were trained to deliver a high quality Customer experience with a focus on dealing with difficult situations. Training sessions were delivered by our consultants with theoretical input and extensive role playing. Coaching and Follow up sessions were delivered a few weeks later by the store Managers with the supervision of our consultants. Results: Our Customer now stands out again from its competitors by providing a superior Customer experience. Corporate surveys conducted after training showed a 24% increase in Customer and Employee satisfaction. Customers felt more valued and more likely to become a repeat customer.

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